Visual design
Project management
2019 Jun – Present day

AWesome Design System (AWDS in short) is an internal tool for the product teams at Academic Work IT. It unifies the experience for the users and improves communication and effectiveness for our designers and developers.

After my studies, I was hired to the UX team at Academic Work where I ended up as the lead designer for the design system. AWDS was in the early stages and needed improvements to the look and feel as well as the interactions for each component.

The plan was to create a system that was independent of any framework. A year into the project, the scale of the resources needed to support it became limited. In order to maintain it with only a handful of people, we based it on off-the-shelf resources such as Material and Storybook. This made sure that we could deliver value in the tempo that our users demanded.

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With limited resources and a few bumps in the road. AWDS managed to increase effectiveness, added inclusivity, and scalability to design and development for current products, and future-proof the process to create new products at AW group.

This project has tested my design skills as well as taught me some new ones in other areas as I got encouragement to take more responsibilities. I established design principles, implementing accessibility, methods for quality assurance, as well as project management, and extending the use of the design system by creating themes for other services in the AW group concern.

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